Cutting Off Heads A review of Foucault with Marx by Jacques Bidet (2016)

Jacques Bidet’s Foucault with Marx reviewed by Jason Read.

Foucault News

Jason Read, Cutting Off Heads. A review of Foucault with Marx by Jacques Bidet (Zed Books: London, 2016)

Jacques Bidet’s Foucault with Marx represents yet another contribution to the eventual overcoming of an academic skirmish between advocates of Foucault and Marx, itself a smaller conflict in the larger battle of postmodernism versus Marxism. The perspective which saw Marx and Foucault as mutually opposed theoretical camps has begun to fade thanks to both the publication of Foucault’s courses and lectures, most importantly the short essay on “The Mesh of Power,” and the publication of several texts, such as the monumental collection Marx & Foucault: Lectures, usages, confrontations in France. However, the dissipation of Team Foucault and Team Marx is only a first step; it remains to be seen how Foucault and Marx are related and how their different examinations into history, modernity, and society can be brought together through…

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Territory and Justice conference

Territory and Justice Conference – Dublin 12-13 July 2010

There has been a real interest in the relation between political theory and territory recently, although what it tends to do is take territory as a relatively straight-forward notion, and then apply debates of justice to it. This was the case in some of the books recently appearing on this topic which I reviewed here. I fear this conference will be similar, though it is surely a good thing that political science and philosophy is thinking about such issues at all.

Papers in Progress

Our opening comments were in part based on articles we wrote separately, that are both appearing in Progress in Human Geography. They are available in the ‘Online First’ section of the website –


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