Correcting the record

This may be of interest only to about 2 people, but since one of them is me and I want to be historically accurate, I have to say that there is an error in my latest book, Mapping. There is some interesting background here though, so bear with me!

I said in the book that there is a copy of the “President’s Globe” at Univ. Georgia in Athens, Ga. The President’s globes were made for President Roosevelt by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII. They were 50″ globes, far bigger than normal, that Arthur Robinson and his Map Division in OSS had made. The full story is told here:

Robinson, A. H. (1997) The President’s Globe. Imago Mundi, 49, 143-152.

Robinson mentions that there are about 12 globes that were made (strictly speaking the OSS made the globe gores and a Chicago company made the physical globes). He mentions that UGA has one. Sure enough if you go to the Geography Department at UGA you see this in the lobby:

These two things are what led me to believe that this is a President’s Globe. I now think this is wrong though.

When he was doing his article Robinson must have asked around about big globes and been told there was one at UGA. But the one pictured at least is very different from Roosevelt’s as this image should demonstrate:

Roosevelt with his globe (from Robinson 1997).

The size is obviously all wrong. But not only that but compare the gores from the President’s Globe, here at the Library of Congress.

The map here is much more subtle and doesn’t have raised physiographic relief like the UGA one.

Here’s Africa from the President’s globe and the UGA one again:

So there you have it, just in case somebody wants to write to me about my mistake!


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