Participants and links to abstracts

This is the running order of presenters at the AAG, with links to abstracts. Thanks to all, and to Matt Farish for chairing! I hope to upload the Powerpoints/pdfs (with permission) in the near future.

8:00 AM Author(s): *Jeremy Crampton – Georgia State University, *Stuart Elden – University of Durham
Abstract Title: Territory and Cartography: Setting the Agenda

8:20 AM Author(s): *Nisha Shah – Watson Institute, Brown University/CsGG, LSE
Abstract Title: Metaphors, man and maps: the cartographic production of ‘territory’ as a normative principle

8:40 AM Author(s): *Jouni Häkli – University of Tampere
Abstract Title: Archiving territory, mapping politics

9:00 AM Author(s): *Mark Monmonier – Syracuse University
Abstract Title: Aeronautical Charting and the Production, Reproduction, and Regulation of Airspace by the United States

9:20 AM Author(s): *Richard C. Powell – University of Liverpool
Abstract Title: What is submarine territory? Extending the sovereign rights of the Danish kingdom

10:00 AM Author(s): *Scott Kirsch – University of North Carolina
Abstract Title: The Invention of Territory

10:20 AM Author(s): *John Hessler, Fellow Royal Geographical Society – Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division
Abstract Title: Economic Foundations of Roman Cartography: Bounded Rationality, Territory, and Epigraphy, 100 BC-300 AD

10:40 AM Author(s): *Michael Heffernan – University of Nottingham
Abstract Title: Maps and the City: Paris and the 18th Century Cartographic Imagination

11:00 AM Author(s): *Catherine Dunlop – Yale University
Abstract Title: Borderland Cartography from Below: The Role of Civil Society in Mapping Alsace-Lorraine, 1860-1918

11:20 AM Author(s): *Nessa Cronin, Dr – National University of Ireland, Galway
Abstract Title: The Jurisdiction of the Map: Official and unofficial productions of imperial space in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1824-46

12:40 PM Author(s): *Martin Pratt – International Boundaries Research Unit, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK
Abstract Title: Unreliable Witnesses? Maps as Evidence in Boundary and Sovereignty Disputes

1:00 PM Author(s): *Helga Tawil-Souri, Ph.D. – New York University
Abstract Title: Virtually Mapping Palestinian Dis-/Re-Appearances

1:20 PM Author(s): *Mona Domosh – Dartmouth College
Abstract Title: Corporate cartographies and the making of an American empire

1:40 PM Author(s): *Elena Dell’Agnese – Università Di Milano-Bicocca
Abstract Title: “Manifest Cartography”: US territorial expansion, textbooks and the logo-mapping of the Western hemisphere


6 thoughts on “Participants and links to abstracts

  1. A few images from my powerpoint should not be used — they are the ones with a white University of Michigan label at the edges indicating that they are for research purposes only (OK, I probably wasn’t supposed to show them in the presentation without permission). The others should be fine.

    Thanks Stuart and Jeremy for organizing the sessions.

  2. Thanks Stuart and Jeremy for setting up the sessions.

    Loading the slides containing text (slides 1-6) is ok by me but the many images and animations should be left out as they do not work anyway in pdf.

    • Thanks Stuart and Jeremy!

      Feel free to upload my slides, with the exception of the photograph of Alsatians and Liebich’s language maps at the end (like some of the other panelists, I only have rights to them for “personal use” at this point).

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