Progress in Human Geography final report

My final report for Progress in Human Geography has been submitted. If it is accepted it should appear next year online.

These reports have been a lot of work but at the same time intellectually challenging and I hope useful. Following Mark Monmonier as I did I wanted to switch the focus on to issues that are important but perhaps less well investigated (maybe whoever follows me will want to switch to something else). In my case this was a series of concerns around the politics of mapping.

Here are the first and second reports.

The third report is relevant to this blog as it covers calculation and territory. Here is the opening paragraph.

Two themes dominate this year’s report: calculation and territory. Both of these are larger issues than cartography itself, but cartography has been increasingly drawn into their ambit such that we might tentatively identify cartographic calculations of territory. Ranging across a wide set of problems including colonial, political and racial mappings, not to mention indigeneity and philosophical concerns of ontology; calculation and territory mark out a wide swath of cartographically informed work. This is not to foreclose other inflections of this phrase such as “calculative cartographies of territory” to center around the productive role of mapping, or possibly “territorial cartographies of calculation” to highlight how calculation employs mapping. All of these are possible avenues into the complex relationships between mapping, calculation and territory.


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