AAG 2010 participants

This is a group blog on the territory and cartography AAG sessions. And possibly for further discussion/workshop/publications.

AAG 2010 participants:

1.      Jeremy Crampton

2.      Stuart Elden

3.      Mona Domosh (Dartmouth) – Corporate cartographies and the making of an American empire

4.      Mark Monmonier (Syracuse) – Aeronautical Charting and the Production, Reproduction, and Regulation of Airspace by the United States.

5.      Richard Powell (Liverpool) – What is submarine territory? Extending the sovereign rights of the Danish kingdom.

6.      Nisha Shah (Brown) – Metaphors, man and maps: the cartographic production of ‘territory’ as a normative principle

7.      Catherine Dunlop (Yale) – Borderland Cartography from Below: The Role of Civil Society in Mapping Alsace-Lorraine, 1860-1918

8.      Scott Kirsch (North Carolina) – The invention of territory

9.      Jeppe Strandsbjerg (Copenhagen Business School) – Cartographic territories and the division of unknown space

10.  Elena dell’Agnese (Milano-Bicocca) – ‘Manifest Cartography’: US territorial expansion, textbooks and the logo-mapping of the Western hemisphere

11.  John Hessler (Library of Congress) – Political and Economic Foundations of Ancient Cartography: Roman law and Epigraphy, 100 BC-300 AD

12.  Martin Pratt (IBRU) – Cartography and International Boundary Arbitration

13.  Mike Heffernan –

14.  Nessa Cronin (National University of Ireland, Galway) – The Jurisdiction of the Map: Official and unofficial productions of imperial space in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1824-46.